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Secondary Author
talking about good things & singing the blues
and then what happens?  
23rd-Jan-2015 12:28 am
ferris wheel
Meme, via riverlight: When you see this, share 3 random lines from 3 WIPs.

“Damn right I don’t have to bribe you--with your hourly rates, you should throw in a free continental breakfast for me,” Danny had grumbled, “But you work a long day; what if you get faint from hunger just as I’m having a revelation?”

They must be on the very good drugs; John can feel the loopy smile spreading across his face at the idea of Rodney, stranded in the wilderness creating simple tools:“You’re my favorite boy scout, McKay.”

“You certainly do think a powerful lot about things you don’t know much about, don’t you?” Mal asks, so smug and dismissive that Simon can suddenly understand exactly why Atherton Wing wanted him dead.
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